4 Ways to Wear Swim Shorts This Summer

As we steamroll into summer with four days of high 30’s here in Melbourne, it had us thinking about what to wear in these stifling conditions when you’re heading to the beach. So, we have come up with our guide of the best four ways to wear shorts this summer:

  1. The Dressed Up Look

This look is for lunch at the beach club, the bar or the nice coastal restaurant. These swim shorts have quick-dry technology, so you won’t have to worry about getting your shirt too wet. A classic slim fit, yet comfortable white shit worn with the shorts and a pair of loafers will do the trick. Accessories up with a watch, beaded wrist wear and sunglasses to keep you looking stylish.

  1. The Preppy Look

Down at the hotel pool? Want to have a game of tennis then a swim? The reliable white polo and white sneakers look with the aqua patterned shorts keep the focus on the shorts yet give a fresh, casual-styled look. Pair this with some classic RayBan glasses for a super sharp look.

  1. The Relaxed Look

Here we’re using the patterned blue short with a plain white fitted t-shirt and Havianas thongs or the bare feet look on the sand. In typical Australian summer style, you throw on a t-shirt with your boardies, a pair of flip flops and away you go!

  1. The Au Naturel Look

The photos here tell the story! Au Naturel. In one’s natural state. That is, boardies (or swim) shorts and really nothing much else but some SPF lotion!

So what’s the most versatile look if you only had one choice, you might ask? We’d go for no. 2, The Preppy Look. The white polo makes the look slightly more dressy with the collar and wearing the sneakers will allow you entry to most coastal bars and restaurants without being too under dressed.

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