Five Awesome Reasons to Add Sterling Silver Jewellery to your Collection

Sterling silver is bright-looking metal.  It is 92.5 percent silver. Silver does not have a high value compared to platinum and gold. That is why silver jewellery is priced based on the craftsmanship involved in creating the masterpiece and the perfection necessary to make a delicate design. All pieces of jewelry made in sterling silver have a 925 stamp, assuring the accuracy of the silver used. If you still don’t have sterling silver jewellery in your collection, here are reasons you should have some soon:

Sterling Silver Pieces are Affordable

Sterling silver, being made of silver is more affordable than gold and platinum. Using sterling silver pieces for a mix and match with gold and platinum jewellery is easy. Silver jewellery is as fine and delicate as any platinum or gold pieces. Sterling silver pieces are a great addition to your collection on which you don’t have to spend lots of money.

Silver Pieces Last for a Long time

Sterling silver stands the test of time. Maintaining, filing, or polishing to repair is easy. You don’t have to worry about surface damages which can take place because of rough usage because you can just bring your silver pieces to the store you bought them from. To keep your jewellery looking bright and new, try to wear it often.

You can Get those Pieces in Any Design you Want

Because sterling silver is more affordable, designers can create lots of designs and keep their products ready to ship. You can easily cope up with the changing concepts and designs if you can easily purchase something which looks beautiful and lets your pocket freshen up your treasure box every time you have to.

Silver Jewellery is Friendly to the Skin

If you are allergic to anything other than gold and platinum, sterling silver is easy on your skin. This means that wearing silver jewellery will reduce your chances of allergy to your skin or ears. In fact, some jewellers offer silver jewellery which is free of lead, cadmium, and nickel, making it safer to use.

It Gives Value to your Money

Investing in a beautiful sterling silver piece for a reasonable price is a real value for your money. Because you can purchase more styles, you can splurge on this metal color. You can also buy silver jewellery plated in gold, rhodium, or rose gold to provide it with any desired look.

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