When Should You Consider CustomMade Jewellery?

It is quite important to understand the distinction between customized and custom jewellery. If you emboss someone’s name or create a piece of jewellery from a list of alternatives, you will get a personalized, meaningful, and an attractive piece of customized jewellery. Custom made jewellery, on the other hand, is created from scratch and the design is only used once. Custom jewellery is you should opt for when you can’t find exactly what you want.

How Can You Make It Happen?

  1. Get the ball rolling.

Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with creating it yourself and hiring someone else to do it. Once the hired jeweller gets an idea on what you actually want on the jewellery, s/he might also need some extra direction. You can have the design on the paper if you can, and give it to your jeweller to make it easy for both the parties.


  1. Translate the vision

No matter if you are giving the custom jewellery to someone else or getting it made just for you, the first thing you want to focus on is the vision. The person who designs the jewellery should think about its type and the general shape. Do not worry about starting it over, and make sure you do have an enlarged sketch of the intricate parts of the design like a filigree or a floral design on a ring etc.

  1. Consider the details

What metal does the wearer prefer (platinum, gold, sterling silver, tungsten, titanium, etc.)? What gemstones (diamonds, coloured gemstones, gem-quality minerals, none) and style (a filigreed, traditional design or clean-lined contemporary)? Note: mark on the sketch what materials you’d like to use so you don’t forget when speaking with your jeweller.

When you make the sketch of your custom jewellery, make sure you mark what materials you’d like to use so that you do not forget when you are speaking with your jeweller.

  1. Meet with your jeweller

Make an appointment with your jeweller. And before you show him or her the sketch of your custom jewellery, feel free to ask to see some of the jeweller’s previous custom pieces so that you get an idea on how s/he works. Look at the pieces critically to ensure that the rings are perfectly round, gemstones are secured in their settings, the finishing is even and there is no factor present that would make the jewellery uncomfortable to wear.

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