Your Guide For Comparing And Buying Diamond Rings!

Many people consider diamonds as symbols of love, commitment and rarity. Owing to the exorbitant prices and unparalleled beauty, diamonds remain in demand all over the globe. However, when it comes to buying a diamond ring, regardless of the occasion, many of us have multiple questions and doubts. In this post, we will talk of the 4 Cs and some of the other aspects that matter.

  • In simple words, cut refers to the brilliance of the diamond as how it reflects light, and many experts agree that it is the most important ‘C’ of all. The best is the ideal cut, but you will also find other terms that are also worth considering – like very good cut, good cut and fair cut.

  • This refers to the color of the stone. On a scale of D – Z, colorless diamonds of the best quality are rated D. The price is usually dependent on the color, but for starters, anything over an “I” is considered to be colorless.
  • Clarity. All diamonds have flaws, inclusions and imperfections, but most of it isn’t visible to the naked eye. Nonetheless, these blemishes and inclusions can affect the price considerably. A diamond with imperfections that cannot be seen with naked eyes is called ‘eye clean’. FL refers to the best diamonds that are flawless, while I1 refers to inclusions.

  • This refers to the weight of the diamond. The carat total weight does impact the price, especially when you want to get a big rock. Weight of the diamond doesn’t always mean that it’s of the best quantity.
  • Usually, diamonds are set in 18K gold or platinum, both being popular choices. Many couples prefer rose gold for engagements and weddings, but it’s a matter of personal choice. The metal should ideally help in appreciating the brilliance of the stone.

Things to note

You can choose to enquire about diamonds and rings with known brokers and diamond merchants. It is also possible to buy a diamond and customize it for your needs. Don’t shy away from buying loose diamonds, and if you are buying diamonds in a setting, make sure that the other stones, besides the central one, are worth the price. Online buying isn’t a bad idea, especially when you are working with a reputed broker, but make sure that the diamonds are certified by known names like AGS or GIA.